A day at turville

“My mummy drops me off at the nursery in the morning. When I come in, I take my shoes off and put my slippers on. I then go and find my peg to put my coat on. My mummy doesn’t help me anymore now that I am a kite. My mummy waits for me sometimes to sit down at the table to have breakfast with my friends. She speaks to my teacher and then leaves while I am enjoying my food. There is a choice of cereal or toast, and sometimes I like to have both.

If I finish my breakfast before my friends, my teacher says I can go and play. My favourite is a home corner where I like to cook a nice meal for my mummy and daddy.

Soon the breakfast is finished, and my teacher asks my friends and me to sit down in a circle for a group-time. We start with a good morning song and then talk about lots of different things: what we did at the weekend, about the weather, day of the week. My teacher asks me how I feel and talks about emotions. We discuss different topics like things around us, life cycles. My favourite one is “show and tell” when I can bring my favourite toy in and tell my friends about it.

Then my teacher splits us into groups and asks me to sit at the table for a focus activity. These can be hard, and sometimes I need help from my teacher, who sits at the table with us. We learn how to write; we cut shapes, count, play letter or board games, we do threading and collaging. My favourite is play dough, sand and water and messy play. Also, my teacher does baking with us, and we can take our biscuits home.

Then we go to wash our hands as it is snack time. My teacher asks me to find the water bottle that has my name on and offers me to choose a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl before I sit down at the table. After I finished my fruit, my teacher asks me if I want any milk and helps me to pour it into my cup.

Then it is outdoor time. I put my coat and my shoes on. Sometimes my teacher tells me that I got my shoes the wrong way around and I take them off and put them back on again. We do lots of different things outside. Some days we have our P.E. teacher and stay on the playground for a lesson, sometimes we go into the forest school, where we build dens, climb trees, do the cooking on a fire, learn how to use different tools and play games. Sometimes we go for a walk into the woods behind the nursery. Some days we play on slide and swings or in the mud kitchen in the playground.

Then it is time to go back inside for lunch. The teacher takes us to wash our hands before the lunchtime. Sometimes I help my teacher to set up for lunch. I help to put the knives and forks out. I then go and pick up my water bottle from the drinks table and sit down at the table with my friend. My teacher brings the plates out and asks me to wait for my friends to have plates too before I can start eating. My teacher then says it is ok to start eating my food. Sometimes my food is a bit hot, and I blow on it. My favourite one is sausage and mash with sweetcorn. This time when I finish, the teacher tells me to wait at the table and wait for my friends. Once everyone is finished, we have a pudding. Sometimes it is fruit, but sometimes we all get ice cream or an ice lolly.

Once we all finished my teacher take my friends and me to brush our teeth. Then it is quiet time when we read books, do storytelling, play puzzles, or number games on a computer.

Soon it is time for an afternoon snack, where we get a choice of vegetable sticks, rice cakes, bread sticks or oatcakes with a glass of milk. After snack, it is time for another focus activity. Sometimes it is outside on the playground or in the forest school, and sometimes it is inside. The teacher asks me what I would like to have on the table. I like the fishing game and a colour matching and letter games. Sometimes, I like to draw a picture.

Soon it is tea time. I go and wash hands again and sit down at the table with my water bottle. We get lots of different things for tea. Sometimes we have sandwiches, and sometimes it is a soup or fish fingers. We also do get a piece of fruit for pudding. Once the tea is finished, I can go and play. I go to the home corner again to finish preparing the meal I started in the morning, but sometimes I go and build with the blocks or ask my teacher to read me a book. Then I see my mummy at the doorway, so it is time to go home. I say goodbye to my teacher and my friends and tell them:

See you in the morning!